Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Film opening Final Piece

This is my final piece of my Film Opening called Haunted by the Nightmare.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Haunted by the Nightmare, Animatic...

This is my animatic, of opening of film "Haunted by the Nightmare", it takes loads of time, as you need to create the storyboard, draw the pictures, and then use some image editor, like paint or photoshop, and edit pictures, add elements, move them and each change save as the new image.
By doing my animatic this way, I have created over 60 images, so the animatic looks quite good. It is not proffesional animatic as in real studios, because they have very good art skills, and proper programs to do it. Also they have better experience in editing that kind of things

There is very good and interesting example of proffesionally made animatic:

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Final Cut Introduction

On the media flexible day, we have been recording the short 30 seconds clip to the test the blue screen technology and learn how to use the program called Final Cut. We have went to the hall where we have the blue curtains, so the colour of the background is blue to use the blue screen technology. Me and my friend have recorded the short news report from white house just before the alliens blows it up. Now we want to use the program Final Cut to cut out the blue curtain background and replace it with the white house clip where it get blows after 25 seconds.
We would continue working and developing our skills on using this program however the program says that the file format that we have recorded isn't read by the Final Cut. We need to change the format so we can keep working and developing our skills in editing the videos. This will help us in future to do more advanced editing without guide, because we will allready know how to use that kind of programs.
I tried to find with the teacher some kind of program that would change the format, so we can continue working on the video. After some time, Mr Morris found the program, and changed the file format, so we could come back to the Apple Mac's room, and start using Final Cut.

It wasn't easy task because we had to set the intensity of the blue colour so the blue curtains become invisible, in fact me and my friends did good job, however, in the moment when the alliens attack the white house, part of my body becomes invisible as well. However it looks quite and a bit comedic, as i didn't use timing well, and while the explosion happened, i was still reading. However it looked well, and it seems that flames that came burned me.

Moodboard - Horror

My storyboard have different key concepts:
1. First concept is haunted house, in the right button corner. It present different pictures showing the old, scary, haunted houses, as the film Haunted by the Nightmare, happens mainly in the house.
2. Second concept is the family. It is very important concept as it follows the thread of the film. The parents, that break up, children that loose one of the parents. Arguments between family, it all links to the horror that happens in the haunted house.
3. Third concept is Ghost, the evil, that terrorise the family, and make a lot of trouble, not physically but mentally. The pictures presents evil ghost in different forms. As the ghost, death, monster, etc.
4. Concept is the Innocence. In reality the ghost isn't bad. It just can't find the peace, way to get out of the real world. It doesn't make any damage, and don't want to do anything bad to the family. The ghost is just a little boy that can't find way back, because he is trapped in the house.
5. Fifth concept is the most weird one. It is the camera. The way film shows the story is through the video blog. One of the kids, has the dream to become the director, and make films. He just records his normal life, but by mistake he records, the thing that he shouldn't record. The ghost walking in the house.

Friday, 2 December 2011

preliminary task - Media Studies

This is my preliminary task. I think that it is quite alright. I am mostly happy at the match on action. It is well fitted. Every move and moment of the action. Cuts are everytime the action is changed, when the doors are opened, when the doors are closed, when person enters the room etc.
 However, in this video there is no 180º Rule used. When the conversation is happening, the camera just stays at the same place. I would like to improve my preliminary task so it would contain the 180º Rule, and would look even more professional.
If I would film it again I would try to speak more louder, so everyone can hear what the conversation is about quite well.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Narrative Theories Research Task

Narrative is the way that the media text prestents the story/plot through the sequence of actions that happens in it. The example of narrative is "Once upon a time" which describes the opening of the plot. We allready know that the story is set in the past, because of the words "upon a time", while "Once" suggest that it may be some fictional world, not similar to our.

The narative is very important because it gives the idea of what is happening in the film. It gives simple clues that suggest that film may be specific genre or that some sort of action will happen.

There are three narrative theories. Todorov's Theorem about Equilibrium, Vladimir Propp's Theory about Characters and Binary Opposition.

The Equlibrium Theory breaks the plot the film/story into three:

Equilibrium - Things that happens in everyday life,
Diseuilibrium - Something happens that breaks everyday life,
New State of Equilibrium - The disequilibrium is repaired,